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Stimulus Check Benefits Extended To Those Behind Bars

Stimulus Check money has reached prisoners as well. The government seemed to have taken care of every citizen. The problems caused by the virus outspread have impacted everyone’s life. The inmates of the prison are no different. The American Rescue Plan has catered to the prisoners as well. It was stated in a report that IRS had sent out a total of $783.5 million to the prisoners. These were the $1400 Stimulus Checks sent recently.

Stimulus Check Money For Prisoners Sparks Controversy 

The government provided the prisoners with stimulus money as well. In an interesting report, this news was revealed. It was stated that the money provided for the jail inmates was quite huge. All of them received the $1400 checks. The prisoners also included Rapists and Murderers. 

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Tom Cotton is a renowned Senator of the Republican Party. He criticized this move heavily. He stated that these findings for the prisoners were not at all required. He also pointed out that this bill was voted in favor by all the Democrats.

The government had announced earlier the requirements to receive the Checks. Individuals earning under $75000 annually will be entitled to funding. Other families earning less than $150000 per year were eligible for the checks. It was for this criteria that the prisoners got their money too. Larry Nassar is a criminal accused of child harassment. He received his share of $1400 as well. 

Many people and politicians have criticized this move. They stated that the country is going through a critical situation. Money should not be wasted. There was no need of sending this money to the prisoners.  

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Stimulus Check money for the prisoners seems to be a topic of debate. The bill was heavily opposed in the Senate by Cotton and Bill Cassidy. The Democrats, however, voted in favor of the bill. 

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