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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Stimulus Check: Best Ways To Use It

If you are eligible for receiving a stimulus check, you might have received yours in March. The final series of stimulus checks were delivered to every single eligible household in March. The checks were sent out following the signing of the $1.9tn Rescue Plan of America. The Peter Foundation recently reported that some Americans haven’t yet spent their stimulus payments. About 19 percent of stimulus check recipients spent their checks of $1400 on critical expenses such as rent and groceries. 

Get Creative With Your Stimulus Check, Says Andrea Wolroch!

Andrea Woroch, expert and adviser in money-saving. She can help you get creative with your stimulus check. Woroch said that during these times, despite receiving your stimulus check, you need to have an emergency fund to rely on. That is the most crucial step to be taken in this pandemic. These are very uncertain times. Your savings funds can be used in an emergency like this pandemic that we are going through. The emergency fund can be used to pay for many things like unexpected bills, childcare, etc. 

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The emergency fund will eliminate your need to use credit cards that charge unnecessarily high interest rates. She also recommends investing in stocks. She advises using websites such as StockPile which lets you invest small money in small fractional shares. So you don’t need a lot of money to start. It is very important to create your financial security. This pandemic has taught us that life insurance plays an important role in our lives. You always don’t have to rely on your stimulus check. Don’t forget to subscribe to services like meal planning. Meal planning can also be very overwhelming. You can use sites such as TheFresh20.com. 

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