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Stimulus Check Update: Beware Of Scam Emails

As it stands, it has been more than six months since Congress last approved any stimulus check payments– and by now, millions have already received it. Nevertheless, there are still many individuals who are waiting for their money which they haven’t received yet. And this is exactly the situation that helps scammers thrive, as they are taking advantage by sending fake stimulus payment emails to those individuals who are awaiting their payment. 

How Do These Fake Third Coronavirus Stimulus Check Emails Work?

As we all know, Congress has already approved the third stimulus check payment of a sum of $1,400 in March 2021. By now, most of the payments have already been delivered to millions of bank accounts, and the IRS is working round the clock to send the payment to the rest of the eligible households by the end of this year.

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Therefore, it can be understood that those who haven’t yet received their stimulus payments are still waiting for the agency to send them their payment. Also, there are quite a lot of people who believe that they have qualified for the third payment– simply because they qualified for the first couple of payments. Yet, they could not qualify too- it all depends on the eligibility requirements. 

Scammers have decided to target these sectors of the population by pushing for fake third coronavirus stimulus check emails while pretending that the emails have been directly sent from the agency. The emails try to bait people by promising that they would receive their stimulus payments if they clicked on a link provided- which will direct the user to the application, as noted by an alert from the FTC. 

As reported by the FTC, close to 12,500 individuals have already lodged a complaint about this stimulus check-related scam. By now, the entire sum that has been lost is $17.6 million.

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