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Saturday, December 4, 2021

Stimulus Check Update: Biden Has Lauded Economic Assistance

While a stimulus check doesn’t seem to be on the priority list of Congress, it doesn’t mean that the administration isn’t looking at other options. The Biden administration has been focused on finding other programs as well as other projects which would provide some relief to those who have been suffering due to the pandemic.

Incidentally, after President Biden faced some rock-hard resistance on his spending plan worth $3.5 trillion from his own party, he still has hopes that Congress would come to a decision that would help in the rebounding of the economy. 

Biden’s Plan Interrupting Stimulus Check Payments?

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In his interview with Fox News, the President stated that the second thing which needs to be focused on by the Senate as well Congress would be the passing of Biden’s economic agenda which would enable the country to move at the momentum that they had set up. The main point, according to the President, was about the future of the country, and not a short-term stimulus check.

The motive of the President was to look at the bigger picture, where long-term prosperity would be of use- creating millions of jobs for hard-working Americans. 

These comments have come after Joe Manchin, the Democratic representative of West Virginia mentioned that he wouldn’t be voting for the spending bill, as it was too much money. On the other hand, the POTUS believes that the American Families Plan would benefit the country, as it would help in the creation of free pre-K and community college while extending the CTC stimulus check till 2025. 

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If the plan was passed it would, in fact, extend the CTC stimulus check for an additional four years. It would also provide families with a sum of $300 per month for children under the age of 6, and a sum of $250 for children between the ages of 6-17.

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