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Monday, October 3, 2022

Stimulus Check Bill Proposed For Gas

Stimulus Check is the word of the hour in America at the moment. Most people are desperate to lay their hands on yet another stimulus payment. Several petitions had been launched earlier demanding monthly checks. However, no significant response was recorded on the part of the federal government.

It is now pretty much clear that the government will not be providing any more checks. States like California, Georgia, Florida, New York, and Michigan have announced stimulus checks for their citizens. Apart from the states, a recent announcement has also been made. The Department Of Agriculture has sanctioned Stimulus payments for farmers. A provision of $700 million has been sanctioned for the new Stimulus payments.

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The money will be dispatched to the eligible farmworkers and grocery workers. An amount of $600 will be paid to everyone impacted by the pandemic. Farmers and grocery shop workers had a tough time during the pandemic. They were forced to take leaves that were unpaid. However, recent petitions have been launched by a couple of Democrats. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Stimulus Check Proposed By Democrats 

Stimulus Checks have been initiated by a couple of Democratic representatives recently. Sheldon Whitehouse and Ro Khanna have expressed their concerns about the ongoing hike in the prices of gas.

They stated that the families couldn’t cope with such extreme pricing. 

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In order to provide them with monetary assistance, stimulus checks of up to $360 have been demanded.

They have termed the proposed bill as Big Oil Windfall Profits Tax. The amount will be paid every year to the eligible citizens. It now remains to be seen whether the bill gets approved. 

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