Stimulus Check Boons By The States

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Stimulus Check

Stimulus Check has been on the rise for quite a long time now. The calls for the fourth round of stimulus check shows no signs of stopping. The recent pandemic scenario has worsened the situation even more. America is currently experiencing an alarming surge in covid cases. 

The mandate of wearing masks has also been made compulsory. People are fearing that such conditions could lead to another shutdown. Most of the households are still coping with the adversities of the previous shutdown. 

A large number of Americans are struggling to find a job. Families are finding it difficult to meet their daily necessities. Some states have provided respite with their stimulus relief announcements. Let us find out about them in detail below. 

Stimulus Check Announced By States

Despite the repeated requests from the citizens, the federal government is not interested in more checks. Thus, the announcements from the states have lightened up the faces of the common people. Most of the states have designed special stimulus checks for their citizens. 

The residents of Alaska will be given stimulus money to aid their daily necessities. However, the money will be distributed only till the funds are not exhausted. California has announced the Golden State Stimulus II. The first round has already been dispatched. It provides a sum of $600 to all the individuals earning $30000-$75000 annually. Children are entitled to $500 each. 

Unemployed citizens in Colorado are in line to receive a benefit of $375. Florida, Tennessee & Georgia will be giving out $1000 to the teachers. Texas will shell out $2000 for the same. New Mexico & New York has set aside funds for those who did not receive a federal Stimulus Check. Maryland, Michigan & West Virginia have also announced monetary fundings.