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Stimulus Check For California Coming Soon

Stimulus Check joy is all set to reach the residents of California. The whole of America demanded the fourth check in unison. Petitions were signed and letters were posted to the President. The petitions became a huge hit instantly. One of the petitions can be found in Change.Org. It has recorded a massive number of support from the citizens. The petition has signatures from over 2.8million people. If the signatures cross the mark of $3m, it would become the most signed of all time. The federal government, however, does not seem interested in the plan. They have stated several valid reasons against the provision of more funds. Let us now see how California came to the aid of its people. 

Stimulus Check Update: California

Gavin Newsom is the governor of California. He has designed a master plan to come to the aid of his residents. At a time when the federal government was reluctant, he paved the way for more funds. The Golden State Stimulus was designed for all the residents of California. The payments are expected to be directly deposited in the accounts of the beneficiaries. 

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Initially, the payments were speculated to come in September. However, a recent report states that Californians can enjoy the benefits from August itself. The payments are scheduled to reach the eligible persons before the month of September. People can also choose to receive the payments as paper checks. 

To receive the money, some criteria need to be fulfilled. A person must earn between $30000 to $70000 to get the payments. The stimulus check would provide a sum of $600 to the eligible people. Children are stipulated to get $500. This was the second round of Golden State Stimulus money dispatched by the state. 

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