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Monday, May 23, 2022

Stimulus Check Update: California GSS Worth $600

Although another stimulus check isn’t on the priority list of Washington, residents of California could be getting some extra aid. Another batch of the GSS payments has been delivered to the bank accounts spread across California on the 17th of September. The first batch, which accounts for around 600K payments, went out on the 27th of August, but the next batch is said to be much larger, with around 2 million residents enjoying the benefits. 

Incidentally, close to two-thirds of the taxpayers in the state of California have been deemed eligible for another stimulus check payment worth $600, with several other qualifying families receiving around $500.

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These checks are state-only and will be part of a $100 billion California Comeback Plan which has been aimed towards providing immediate relief to businesses and families that have been hit the hardest by the pandemic. The office of Governor Gavin Newsom stated that this was the biggest state tax rebate in the history of the country. 

Do I Qualify For A $600 Or A $1,100 Stimulus Check Payment?

The Golden State Stimulus Check Payments for the second round are quite different from the payments made in the first round which were sent earlier in 2021. The first round of payments- which consisted of a single check worth $600 or $1200- was delivered to those who earned less than $30,000 annually. These individuals were also recipients of the Earned Income Tax Credit of the state or had filed their taxes with an ITIN. 

The second round of the Golden State Stimulus Check Payments has been expanded further so that more Californians can qualify for it. You would be deemed eligible for a payment of $600 if you have been a resident of the state for almost half of the tax year of 2020. You also need to file your taxes for 2020 by the 15th of October, 2021. And finally, you can’t claim as a dependent for another taxpayer. 

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