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Friday, January 27, 2023

Stimulus Check: Lawmakers From California Send Surplus Along With Budget

Most of the lawmakers from California went ahead and passed a state budget last Monday that brought forth some key Stimulus check features. Interestingly, there is a partial deal between the Governor of the State and the legislators on several of the key issues- which include the $8 billion set out for stimulus payment for Californians who are in the middle-income category. 

California’s New Stimulus Check Should Solve All Their Problems

Governor Gavin Newsom and the legislators haven’t yet come to a point regarding the aspects of this spending plan- but they have been proceeding well. Most lawmakers are of the belief that they have been proceeding pretty well in most areas- which include the expansion of health coverage to immigrants who are undocumented. 

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It is being understood that Newsom and the lawmakers will definitely try to negotiate most parts of the $262.6 billion budget- which includes several provisions which are related to child care. The partial deal signed between the legislators of California and the Governor regarding the stimulus check colluded to an overall agreement over the framework. This budget has been thought of as a record in the areas of surplus with the current surplus fixed at a sum of $80 billion.

 The Governor did mention that such a huge stimulus check would allow him and the lawmakers to increase the expenditure on the social safety net of the state. In fact, it would also allow them to put in a new grade in the public schools of California called the transitional kindergarten. 

Phil Ting, the Democratic Representative from San Francisco has mentioned that the current stimulus check with regards to the state of California is quite historic. This is actually represented by the huge turnaround from the previous year- where there was a deficit of around $54 billion.

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