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Stimulus Check Child Tax Credits- Extension Demands

A letter was signed by a total of 448 experts to make a demand on the child tax credit stimulus check payments. As per the demands, the said credits were to be made permanent. They stated that if the credits get boosted permanently, it will lead to a dramatic reduction of childhood poverty. The letter further stated that a permanent flow of child tax credits provided to the households would lead to a promising future for the children of the country. Making it permanent will have very healthy long-term as well as short-term effects on the people.  

Stimulus Check Justifications

The letter in which the experts demanded the stimulus checks credits to be permanent, also stated that if the cost of the credit as compared to the success, then it was extremely small so it was worth doing it. The experts who took the initiative include the professors and economists who have worked in universities throughout the country including Yale and Harvard. This takes place as the said stimulus check credits got a boost from the federal government following the coronavirus pandemic in the country.  

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The letter was written just after the news got viral that the child tax credits might get an extension until the year 2024. And this would be made a provision of the budget plan that amounts to a total of 3.5 trillion USD. Also, Joe Biden, the President had already stated his super plan to extend the stimulus check financial aid payment for the children. However, it is not up to him to approve it, he has to have strong support to make it happen. It will have to get passed by the US Congress before the country’s President gives his final approval.     

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