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Friday, October 7, 2022

Stimulus Check Update: Citizens Would Be Receiving $800 In The Summer

A stimulus check sum of around $800 will be made available to millions of Americans in the summer for Colorado. This payment will be made in the form of a tax rebate and will definitely see its way through to 3.1 million residents. Although individuals will be seeing a payment of $400, couples will be seeing a payment of $800. The goal of the rebate would be to offset the burden created by inflation. 

Stimulus Check Payments Coming For Citizens Of Colorado

In order to be made eligible for the stimulus check payment, one needs to be a resident of the state full time. The rebates will be going out to those citizens who had filed their tax returns for 2021 by the 31st of May, 2022. Accordingly, the money will be going out in August or September. It has also been reported that a universal preschool program will also be starting out. Maine has also sent out around 850,000 resident checks with a worth of $850 for this summer.

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In order to qualify for the stimulus check payment, individuals should not be making over $100,000, with the head of a household not earning more than $150,000. Joint filers will not be making over $200,000. Residents of Illinois will be seeing up to $400 in payments. On the other hand, the citizens of Delaware will be seeing up to $600 pretty soon.

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