Stimulus Check Update- How To Claim Your Payment

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

A report that was published recently showed that around 10 million people were still waiting on their stimulus check payments. The Treasury Inspector General conducted the report for Tax Administration- which then went on to reveal several factors as to how the payments could see themselves getting delayed.

According to the Rogersville review, most people did receive their stimulus payments by direct deposit or check. Others also received their payments in the form of debit cards- which many mistook as junk mail and then threw them out, unfortunately. 

Stimulus Check Payments For Those Who Haven’t Received It

The report by the TIGTA did state that manually verifying the stimulus check claims, as well as debit card policies, has definitely delayed the payments for a large number of people. If one did miss out on their payments, they would ideally log on to to claim the funds. The IRS hasn’t yet agreed to identify those who haven’t yet received their payments- which was the recommendation from the TIGTA.

However, the TIGTA has also alleged that they did send out 12 alerts to notify the IRS about the concerns they had over stimulus payments. As a response, the IRS then implemented multiple changes to address one of the alerts and also stated that it would work on four others. 

The IRS didn’t really agree to review the stimulus check payments that were made in error that totaled close to $598 million which were paid to ineligible individuals as of May 2021. This does come as a large number of states have already started issuing their own versions of the stimulus payments. New York has been giving the kindergarteners of the state a sum of $100 for college which would form a part of the Kids RISE programs of NYC.

For Maine, the residents would have to be full-time residents of the state to get a stimulus check payment of $850.