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Stimulus Check: New Help Might Be Coming Your Way

Stimulus Check has provided a sense of relief to all Americans. When the country imposed a strict shut down, people were clueless about their future. 

This was when the federal government came up with the idea of a stimulus check. Citizens of America benefited from government funds to a great extent. 

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After the IRS rolled out its third check this month, there seems to be no possibility of other payments. The people expressed their concerns over the current scenario in America. 

They filed petitions in favor of receiving added payments. The government structured three checks at the time of the pandemic. The payments rolled out were $1200, $600 & $1400. 

This money did provide initial assistance. However, it failed to sustain the household in the long run. People in America are suffering from unemployment. 

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The pandemic took the whole world by shock. The deadly virus put the world at a standstill. Everything was shut down and America was no different. 

Thousands of people die every day and the country was plunged into a sea of darkness. The economy also took a massive hit because of the shutdown. 

All the economic activities were forced to be postponed. The new year has made it very clear that there will be no new stimulus checks. 

However, the rising prices of gas have teased the possibility of another stimulus payment. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Stimulus Check: Help Might Come For Combating Gas Prices

Stimulus check proposals have been laid down to combat the high prices of gas. 

As many as three lawmakers have asked the federal government to provide the common people of the country with financial benefits. 

They have asked the government to assist every month. 

The proposed check is asking for a monthly payment of $100 for each member of a household. 

Families earning less than $75000 a year will be entitled to receive the payment.

 It will be interesting to see whether the proposal is granted by the federal government or not. 

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