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Stimulus Check Update: Complaints From Senior Citizens

Several senior citizens have been putting up their stories in the absence of a stimulus check which would greatly help them out. One individual keeps praying for help after turning homeless and spending the sweltering summer in a tent in the backyard of his friend. Another woman fears that she might just freeze to death in the cold if she doesn’t get the money to pay for the heat.

The stories started surfacing after a nonpartisan group asked Congress to help older Americans with a sum of $1,400. While the President and the rest of the leadership haven’t really come up with an idea for another stimulus payment, senior citizens who have been going through some crippling debt say that they really can’t wait anymore. 

Proposal for a stimulus check lands in lawmakers’ hands

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The TSCL or the Senior Citizens League have stated that it has been rendered speechless with the lack of response provided to its petition for a single tax-free stimulus check. It is even more surprising, considering almost 38,200 individuals have signed this on. Congress, on its part, has been relatively silent. The league had previously sent out missives to the top 13 leaders in Congress but later picked up speed by sending letters to almost every single member of the House and Senate. 

Rick Delaney, the Chairman of the TSCL, stated that they had been listening to the stories of thousands of seniors who had already burnt through their retirement savings and were in dire need of a stimulus check. They had already started eating just a single meal the whole day, and some had even started cutting their pills in half simply because they couldn’t afford the drugs. Drastic action seems to be the norm, as taken up by the seniors to survive. 

Hunter Wright, who is in charge of the phone lines of the organization, has stated that their main task has been to call representatives about a new stimulus check. 

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