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Stimulus Check December News

Stimulus Check has provided the whole of the US with financial stability. People have welcomed the announcement with open arms. The funding provided by the government has enabled the economy to fight back. Citizens have used the money to pay off their debts. Others have used it to add to their savings.

The government has sent out three sets of Stimulus payments till now. The recent payments have been rolled out by the IRS in July. However, despite the fundings, citizens are heavily claiming another Stimulus Check. The initial demands were for the fourth round of Stimulus Check for all. The growing number of covid cases made the people request for the checks. As we all know, the money received from the checks has been of great help to the people. Households have found it easier to pay off their debts with money. 

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Many political parties have also seconded the demands initially. However, as soon as the reopening procedure started, the political support also faded. Another major reason for the government’s interest is the rise in personal income. The figures saw a significant boost recently. A figure of $24.1b was recorded after the third check. However, the numbers have decreased since then. Despite federal reluctance, stimulus checks are highly demanded. 

Stimulus Check Money Limited To Child Tax Credit 

The only Stimulus Checks that are on offer seem to be the Child Tax Credit. This program was aimed at helping families with childcare expenses. The government assured monthly payments to eligible families till December. This month will be the final time the checks will be delivered. 

The Child Tax Credit Stimulus Check has been extended for a year. Families with kids within seven years will get $300 per month. Children under the age of eighteen are entitled to $250. 

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