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Stimulus Check Delay For California?

Stimulus Check has been demanded for a long time. The checks were structured to provide financial relief to the people of America. The administration of Joe Biden designed the program in March. Till now three rounds of stimulus checks have been dispatched. 

The last round of stimulus payments was rolled out recently. It provided a payment of $1400 to all the qualified citizens. Most of the checks were distributed as direct deposits. However, citizens could also opt for paper checks. The current covid situation has made the citizens call for more payments. 

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The federal government does not seem interested in further finance. Hence, the Americans are stuck in a dilemma. Much to the relief of some citizens, California announced a fourth Stimulus Check. However, this check will only apply to the residents of California. It also has some conditions to be met. Let us learn in detail about the check below.

Stimulus Check Boosts For Californians

Gavin Newsom is the Governor of California. He has designed the Golden State Stimulus II. This plan provides financial relief to almost every citizen of California. An individual having an annual earning of less than $75000 qualifies for the payment. Californians will be receiving a $600 check. Children are entitled to receive a check of $500. 

The payments have already been rolled out in two halves. The first installments were rolled out in August. The second round is expected to be dispatched in September. Almost 2million residents have benefitted from the money. 

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However, there are still many citizens who have not yet received the money. According to reports, citizens need not panic. Payments for September have already been dispatched on the 17th. A third-round will be rolled out on 5th October. 

Citizens who have opted for paper checks will have to wait longer. The stimulus check will take some time to get delivered. Citizens can also log in to the official website of California and track the status of their payment online. 

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