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Stimulus Check Delays And The Reasons Behind It

The year 2021 has been one of the busiest years for the department of the IRS. As per the studies carried out by the National Taxpayer Advocate, it was stated that about 136 million stimulus checks were generated by the department. And along with that, the department carried out a number of other duties. It includes preparing for the generation of the child tax credit relief payments as well as distributing a number of stimulus checks. However, there is still a lot to be done by the department. A lot of tax refunds are yet to be dispatched for eligible citizens.

Stimulus Check Issues

There are a lot of reasons why this backlog is taking place when it comes to the distribution of relief aid payments. And it is also to be bolted that all of them fall within the responsibility of the IRS. Most of the people working under the department carried out there are from their houses owing to the shutdown following the coronavirus pandemic. The paper return task could only be completed at the office as it was inaccessible from home. It was only when the workers went back to the office that the work could be completed which was what led to the stimulus checks backlog.

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The changes to all the tax codes with regard to the coronavirus pandemic were made available only a few weeks prior to the tax season. The differences related to the credit of Rabit Recovery were all set aside. It was left for processing manually. This is the kind of credit that can be claimed by the people in case they received less money than what they were actually eligible for. That was either in the first or the second batch of the stimulus checks.   

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