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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Stimulus Check Wrongly Delivered To Billionaires

Stimulus Check has turned out to be a very essential tool for Americans. President Joe Biden announced the Stimulus Check. This move rejuvenated the falling spirits of the citizens. Three installments of monetary assistance have already been sent out to the people. However, the citizens felt the amount to be insufficient. Most of the people spent the money on paying off their debts. Others added to their savings.

America has seen a surge in covid cases in the last few weeks. This has made the civilians tense about the future. If another shutdown was to follow, the economy would come crashing down. Unemployment and underpayment will become major issues. Thus, the people of America desperately need an alternative source of payment. 

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However, the federal government is not at all keen on the idea. A recent report has shocked the citizens amidst all this. It has been found that the government rolled out payments to billionaires. Let us learn more about the incident in detail below. 

Stimulus Check Money For Billionaires Returned

The residents of America were in shock as the reports came out. A recent survey has found out that several billionaires received stimulus checks. This has angered the common mass to a great extent. The unemployment rate in America is the highest at the moment. There are lots of needy people who genuinely need the money.

However, a clarification has been given by the IRS. They stated that it was a simple case of error. The billionaires tweaked their accounts to show a lower income. The IRS sent out the checks based on submitted income reports. This made them deliver the money to many wealthy citizens. 

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The stimulus checks were supposed to be received by citizens earning under $75000 annually. However, most of the billionaires who received the money have returned. George Soros was one such individual to receive the money. Soros stated that he returned the money at once. 


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