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Stimulus Check To Battle Inflation Proposed

Stimulus Check has been doing the rounds for a fairly long time now. People are desperate to lay their hands on funds from the government. Several petitions have been launched to persuade the government. A couple of the petitions have gained significant momentum. 

A petition initiated by Stephanie Bonin has reached 3million signatures. The bill calls for a payment of $2000 on a monthly basis. It states that the federal government must provide the money to all Americans. The eligibility should not be based on the earning capacity. 

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Earlier, the administration of Joe Biden rolled out three sets of Stimulus Checks. It catered to the citizens who had an earning within $75000. The government provided three stimulus payments that rounded off to $3200. 

A recent group of people has come up with the request to aid elders. They are rooting for a $1400 check to aid the senior citizens of the country. Let us learn more about the petition below. 

Stimulus Check Incoming For Seniors?

A group of advocates aims to look after the welfare of the elderly sections of society. The Social Security Recipients have demanded a stimulus check from the federal government. They have asked for a sum of $1400.  The group stated that the seniors need the money more than anyone else. This is because most of the elders have exhausted their retirement savings during the shutdown. It is thus necessary for the government to consider this section of society. 

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Another threat to elderly people is the growing threat of inflation. As the economy seems to settle down, there would be a sudden burst of demand. To combat the rising demands, the prices are expected to shoot sky-high. This would pose a big threat to senior citizens. A stimulus check is thus very much needed. It remains to be seen how the government reacts. 

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