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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Stimulus Check Demands By Representative AOC

Alicia Ocasio Cortez, the Representative, and economist belonging to the Democratic Party gave a statement on the stimulus check unemployment benefits. She mentioned a fresh bill through which she plans to extend the said benefits until the year 2022. It is to be noted that the stimulus check unemployment benefits will be provided by the federal government. The Democratic Representative communicated to the other officials the nature of her plan.  

Stimulus Check Needs

The New York-based politician made it known that she was initiating a proposal that would work to extend the stimulus check unemployment benefits until the completion of the year 2022. She also voiced her frustration on the US Congress for not providing enough financial support to the people during her ti8mes like these. 

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She claimed that she was extremely disappointed at both parties for not realizing the importance of providing financial assistance to the needy people of the country. She also added that it was absolutely visible that the financial condition of the country had not recovered completely, while the stimulus check federal aid payments were supposed to be continued by the federal officials. She stated that it was disappointing to see the lapse of unemployment assistance during the hard times. 

Joe Biden, the President, has not given any official statement about the statute of another round of the stimulus check financial payments either. For a very long time, he has been choosing to follow the approach of “wait and see.” But now, many lawmakers are taking the initiative to speak on the matter. They are demanding to have a clear statement on the matter. Cori Bush, a new Congresswoman, gave a statement on the matter. She raised the importance of providing more unemployment benefits.  

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