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Stimulus Check Demands Intensifies Over US

Stimulus Check demands are rising considerably over the past few weeks. People from all over the country are signing up every day. All they want are more money from the government. The checks so far have provided the much-required balance in the financial status. People have managed to make their living and bear their expenses. However, with many issues still bothering the mass, petitions are gaining huge momentum. The website Change.Org is getting stronger day by day. The petition is on the verge of becoming the most signed petition. More details are provided below. 

Stimulus Check 4 Pushed Heavily

The pandemic saw the government come to the side of the citizens. The stimulus checks announced by the President were a welcome idea. However, after the third check rolled out by the IRS, there seemed to be no more assistance. This has led to mass discontent among the Americans. Petitions have been signed by a huge number of people voting in favor of more assistance from the government. 

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The most talked-about petition is on the website Chenge.org. This movement was initiated by an ordinary restaurant owner. Stephanie Bonin resides in Colorado. She first demanded recurring checks for the people of America. She posted the petition on the website the previous year.

The petition has since then gathered massive support and momentum. Nearly a 2.7million people have signed the petition. More and more people are adding up their signatures every day. This has already become one of the top10 petitions. It remains to be seen if it can attain the 3million mark. Reaching the 3million would make this petition the most signed petition.

The petition demands a Stimulus Check of $2000 for all the adults. It also asks for $1000 for the kids to be paid monthly. She stated that people are still not over with the pandemic. The statistics do more than do justice to the actual scenario.

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