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Stimulus Check Four Demands Makes A Strong Case

Stimulus Checks for the fourth round are being demanded for a long time. The third round of checks was dispatched by the IRS recently. The government did not look particularly interested in assuring any further payments. This made the general public feel insecure. They demanded more checks. The provision of the Stimulus Checks has funded some families. However, many other households were still coping with the ill effects of the pandemic. These families are struggling to meet the basic expenses. Petitions have been signed in huge numbers. Let us discuss below the key factors that have led to the rising demands for the fourth round of payment. 

Stimulus Check Four To See The Daylight? 

More than half of Americans are pushing in favor of a fourth stimulus check. They have stated various reasons for their demands. America is currently under the threat of another wave of coronavirus. The Delta variant has threatened the possibility of yet another shutdown. This would mean the economy would be impacted to a great extent. Many people would be losing their jobs. The risk of people getting underpaid is also a serious concern. Under such circumstances, the citizens want the government to have their back. 

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The unemployment rate has gone up by a significant margin. It has crossed the percentage before the pandemic. The recent reports surveyed the rate of unemployment at 5.9%. This has resulted in some serious problems for some households. Thus, further assistance would be a welcome gift for these people. 

The government is not keen on providing any more Stimulus Checks. The Child Tax Credit payments have started to roll out. These payments will continue till the end of the year. Many states like California have announced stimulus payments for their residents. 

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