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Stimulus Check 4 Is The Need Of The Hour

Stimulus Check demands saw a considerable rise in the last few days. People from all over America are rooting for the fourth round of stimulus payments. The government designed the program to provide funds to the people. These funds were supposed to stem the downfall of the economy. So far, three sets of checks have been issued. However, people feel the need for a fourth check.

Stimulus Check Demand Exponentially Rising

The IRS has so far despatched funds worth $169m. More than 2million citizens benefitted from the monetary assistance. The government has so far delivered reliefs amounting to $3200. These came in three parts- Coronavirus Aid Relief($1200), Economic Security Act($600) & American Rescue Plan($1400). The rescue plan was approved by the US President in March. 

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Despite all the assistance, the citizens felt the need for further aids. Many citizens have reported struggling in their daily lives. The incomes of one-fourth of the citizens have gone down. The pandemic seems to have taken a toll on most of the families. Most of the money received has been used for paying the debts. Others used the money to add to their savings. There are still families struggling to meet the necessities. 

The citizens have been backed by the lawmakers for a fourth Stimulus Check. They have presented a letter to Joe Biden in this interest. The letter contained the signatures of thirty people. The letter stated that the Checks disbursed by the IRS won’t sustain the people for long. An online petition has also seen over a 2.5million signatures demanding more money. 

The push for $2000 per month Stimulus Check is gaining momentum. The President has left it on Congress to take the final decision. They did not seem to be very keen on the idea initially. It remains to be seen whether the mass demands can change their mind or not. 

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