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Stimulus Check Demands Vs Possibilities

There is a very complicated situation on the status of the fourth round of the stimulus checks in the United States of America. On one hand, the economy of the country and of the world is slowly opening up with looser restrictions, however, the Delta variant infection in the country is increasing at a great speed. A rise in the cases of infection among the unvaccinated has been witnessed by the officials. And this is what is posing a great threat to the recovery of the economic conditions in the country. Numerous citizens in the country are waiting for the federal government to provide them with recurring financial aid payments. However, the situation at hand is not very helpful.

Stimulus Check Hurdles

There are several politicians in the country who have voiced their need for the recurring stimulus checks in the country, especially the senators belonging to the Democratic Party. All of them have jointly written a letter to Joe Biden, the President. This incident took place in the month of March. The senators include Bernie Sanders from the state of Vermont, Elizabeth Warren from the state of Massachusetts, and Ron Wyden who hails from the state of Oregon. They made the request to the President to grant the people recurring stimulus check payments. Not only that but the Democratic senators also demanded automatic insurance for all the unemployed citizens. 

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These people are not the only group who are demanding money from the federal government. There are a lot of common citizens as well. The online petition that was started in order to streamline the demand for the stimulus checks has almost 2.7 million signatures to date. However, what remains of the fourth round of the stimulus checks as of now is only the demands and nothing from the side of the government.

There are several reasons that prove that the money will not be provided. There has been no such provision approved by the lawmakers that talk about providing the stimulus checks to the people. The recently talked about infrastructure plan did not mention the checks at all. Also, the ongoing vaccination drive ensuring the opening of the economy acts as a hurdle to the recurring checks.

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