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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Stimulus Check Payments Expected Amidst Delta Threat

Stimulus Checks were designed and approved by the administration of Joe Biden. At a time, when America was facing the worst of situations, these aids provided relief. It helped stabilize the economy to a certain extent. The money also relieved the financial burden off the shoulders of common people. However, after the third check was delivered, there were no more checks. This made the people feel insecure. The demands for another set of payments rose drastically. The Delta variant threat is around the corner. This could mean a possible fourth check approval. 

Stimulus Check 4 To Be Confirmed?

America witnessed joy in the early part of 2021. It seemed that the worst days are finally over. The pandemic seemed to finally say goodbye. However, that was sadly not the case. Recent surveys have depicted the possibility of yet another wave. This time the villain is Delta. The Delta strain of the coronavirus is speculated to wreak havoc amidst the US. 

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America has seen the number of covid cases rise alarmingly. The situation escalated to such a point that CDC had to impose guidelines. The revised guidelines asked the citizens to wear a mask once again. A person who is fully vaccinated should also follow the guideline. 

The surge in cases could mean yet another lockdown. This meant many people will again face job crises. As all work could not be done remotely, unemployment would increase. This might make the government reconsider its decision about further fundings. 

Congress did not seem keen on another Stimulus Check. But the changing scenario might make them revisit their decision. Almost 400000 fresh cases of unemployment were registered. Such drastic ups and downs might take a serious toll on the economy. The new wave of viruses might just pave the way for new Stimulus Checks.

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