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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Stimulus Check- Additional Money For The School Staff

There has been no such announcement on the availability of the fourth round of stimulus checks by the federal government. However, a batch of bonus payments has been offered to some of the school staff including the teachers. 

Stimulus Check In Michigan, Georgia, And Florida

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, many working professionals have had to carry out their duties in different challenging scenarios. Many times, they carried out their responsibilities while exposing themselves to serious risks just to ensure the continuation of certain services. And teachers definitely fit into this group. They followed hectic schedules according to the need of the hour. And this is the reason why a few states of the country have decided to provide stimulus checks to them. It is to be noted that the money will come as a “one-time” payment. 

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Michigan decided to provide the extra stimulus check to the teachers. This decision was taken in the month of October. About 73 million USD was kept aside in order to distribute among the teachers. This deal took place between the legislatures of Michigan and Gretchen Whiymet, the state Governor. Following this, the state of Georgia took a similar initiative. They decided to provide 1000 USD in the month of March.

A total of almost 230,000 staff members qualified for the payments. It was stated that the additional stimulus check was provided in order to thank them for their contribution during the days of the coronavirus pandemic. The money was distributed as a part of the American Rescue Plan fund. According to calculations, the total money distributed among the teachers is said to be 230.0 million USD. Another state to carry out the same initiative will be Florida. Although the plan was approved in the month of March, the funds and everything was fixed only in June. 

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