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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Stimulus Check: False News Of Payments Doing The Rounds

Stimulus Checks were announced in March. The American government wanted these payments to provide relief to the common mass. Three sets of checks have already been dispatched by the IRS. But the people of America want more checks. The government still has not confirmed the fourth Stimulus Check. The demands have considerably increased for the provision of a fourth check. The US President wanted Congress to take the final decision. 

Members of Congress did not seem convinced with the idea. They stated that the people were provided with enough funds. However, the inflicted lockdown meant the citizens could not attend work any further. This created a large number of unemployed. The percentage of unemployed Americans shot up amidst the shutdown. Others who opted for online work struggled as well. Most of the companies did not pay their employees their desired remuneration. 

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All these variables have added up. People have become desperate for monetary help. Residents are looking up to the government for help. The desperation of the citizens has made them vulnerable. This state of vulnerability has paved the way for potential frauds. Rumors about new checks are doing the rounds. Let us learn about the incident in detail below. 

Stimulus Check Rumors Worth $15000 Turns Out False

A rumor suddenly became widespread across the country. People everywhere started talking about a possible stimulus check worth $15000. The rumor gained significant momentum in a short span of time. The news reached the federal government soon. They were quick to point out the mistake at once. 

The government ruled out the possibility of any new stimulus checks. The rumor was later found to be spread by a YouTube account, namely, LALATE. Due to a significant fanbase of 400,000 subscribers, it was easy for them to spread the news. The only stimulus check available at the moment is the Child Tax Credit. 

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