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Stimulus Check Update: Financial Support From States

Stimulus check payments have turned into a necessity in the midst of thousands of job losses and restrictions placed across the entire country. This has been solely due to the resurgence of the pandemic, especially the Omicron variant, which has made some extra financial support quite a pivotal decision.

The needs of residents, as well as most businesses, for more financial support, have been on a constant rise, but there have definitely been states that have brought out their own rules to grant this support from the federal government. 

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States Have Brought Out Their Own Stimulus Check Payments

It goes without saying that stimulus check payments have definitely cushioned the suffering for millions of people in the country during the COVID-19 virus, but the payments from the federal government have now come to a complete stop. Now it is up to the different state governments to provide their citizens with financial aid packages.

Many people are still wondering what benefits they could be receiving- as it would be based on where they live, as some states have been offering a fourth stimulus payment- while other states have brought out alternative options. 

In the state of Alabama, the possibility of another stimulus check payment coming through is not very high. The state government has launched the Altogether campaign, but this hasn’t led to residents or businesses being provided with much COVID-19 relief. Updates from the state government of Alabama are scarce, with the latest news stating that Governor Kay Ivey has pushed through several numerous bills that would pave the way for the construction of new prisons. 

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California has been the only state that has been the most helpful to its citizens to date- where it launched the Golden State Stimulus in two different parts- the Golden State Stimulus Check I and Golden State Stimulus II. 

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