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Friday, December 3, 2021

Stimulus Check Update: Florida Offering $5,000 To Cops?

At the beginning of this year, Florida had approved a stimulus check payment of $1,000 as a bonus to administrators and teachers throughout the state. The Governor of the port-heavy state, Ron DeSantis went on to announce that the state would also bring about a program that would provide a payment of $5,000 to police who were looking towards relocating to Florida- especially those who were evading vaccine mandates.

In an interview with Fox News, the Governor mentioned that his state was looking towards recruiting those members of the law enforcement that were currently out-of-state.

Florida Aims at Stimulus Check Of $5,000 For Cops 

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Despite the stimulus check offered, it could be a pretty bad decision for police officers to move over to Florida, simply to evade the vaccine mandate. According to the Press Secretary for the White House, Jen Psaki, the leading cause of death among police for the last year was Covid-19.

Psaki further highlighted the point that Covid-19 was especially dangerous to police and other first responders for they regularly interacted with the public- which could potentially get fatal until measures weren’t taken. 

In light of the above, one can clearly understand the interest of Ron DeSantis is running for the presidential run of 2024- as he has taken potshots at the administration and Democrats for the initiation of the vaccine mandates– which has been a very common talking point among conservatives. Precisely why, the state government has been pushing for a stimulus check of $5,000 to lure cops into his state. 

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As of the 7th of October, around 92% of active-duty military officers have been receiving at least a single dose of the vaccine. Quite a few cities have already reported high rates of vaccination. In the state of New York, close to 74% of the police force have been vaccinated. This is why Ron DeSantis has been reported saying that Florida will supply cops with stimulus check payments.

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