Stimulus Check 2022: Florida Gets A One-Off Payment Ready For 59,000 Families With Children Ready To Join School

Stimulus Check
stimulus check

Republican ruled Florida is sending inflation relief stimulus to some families in Florida. The one-time stimulus payment is expected to help offset the impact of record inflation that has seared the population as it surged toward a double-digit figure.

Inflation figures inched to 9.1% as figures for June were released. Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, who has baited Biden several times about the stimulus check, announced on Thursday that his administration is preparing to send around $450 per child to lower-income families in Florida.

Around 59,000 families are expected to qualify for the one-off payment from the state. Florida will finance this initiative through the reallocation of $35.5M that it received from the American Rescue Plan Act, the signature plan of Democratic American President Joe Biden. He signed the bill in March 2021, immediately after coming to power.

The third stimulus check or the Economic Impact Payment part of this bill also has a host of measures to support businesses, states, cities, local, and tribal bodies. Other organizations will also benefit from the packages announced under the Rescue Plan banner.

The Florida State Stimulus Check Will Benefit Children Under Various Care Modes

Eligible recipients of the stimulus check include non-relative and related caregivers, foster parents, and families who have received funds from the Florida Temporary Assistance scheme that are meant for needy families, or even under the Guardianship Assistance Programs. This was revealed by the Florida Dept. of Children and Families.

Officials say they expect the money to arrive between July 25 and August 7, which comes before the sales tax holiday announced by the Florida Governor under the “back-to-school” scheme.

A spokesperson for DeSantis, Christine Pushaw disclosed on social media that the letter addressed to Florida families is completely true. She revealed that the one-off payment of $450 for every eligible child is part of the new budget declared by Governor Ron DeSantis. She added that it will usher in a pathway to prosperity for Floridians.

The decision comes just a week following the report by the Dept. of Labor that the Consumer Price Index, which is a broad measure for essential everyday goods, has risen to 9.1% for June when compared to a year ago.

It is the fastest pace of inflation since December 1981. The severe rise in the figures has led to severe financial pressure for a majority of households in the US in the low and moderate-income category. They are forced to set aside much more for everyday necessities like gasoline, food and other essential items, rent, and utility payments.

Rise In Inflation Has Disproportionately Hit Low Income Groups The Hardest

The low-income citizens have been forced to disproportionately bear the burden of the increase in everyday costs. This group is already struggling to further stretch their paychecks and is the ones most affected by price fluctuation.

While wages have increased substantially for American workers, the rise in prices has negated the gain. Consequently, the wages for most Americans have decreased in terms of value.

Real average hourly earnings decreased by a percent in June when compared to the previous month when higher consumer prices have been factored in. When calculating on an annual basis, the real earnings have also dropped significantly, dropping by a whopping 3.6% in June.

President Biden Battling To Contain Inflation Ahead Of Midterms

President Biden has found all the goodwill he had gained after the rescue Plan evaporate with inflation hitting the low and moderate section of the electorate real hard. The November midterms are fast approaching, and the Democrats are expected to lose their razor-thin majority in the House and the Senate.

Republicans like DeSantis have directly blamed the stimulus check and also the energy policies that they allege have discouraged the production of oil and consequently have stoked inflation.

President Biden, though, continues to maintain that the oil companies are fleecing customers at an opportune moment and have raised prices ahead of a shortage.

Although the payments will help a section of the population, DeSantis appears to be trying to repair his image that has taken a severe beating when he went after the LGBTQ+ community recently and also banned any discussion about the third gender in educational institutions.

DeSantis has also gone after Disney, the biggest source of income in the state and also its biggest employer.

He also went after the Critical Race Theory and introduced the anti-CRT bill which he ironically dubbed the Individual Freedom Act. Both the CRT bill and the infamous Don’t Say Gay or Trans Bill were signed into law in the first quarter of 2022.

DeSantis declared that his government believed in education and not indoctrination. He said he believed an important part of freedom in Florida was the freedom to oppose what he termed as “oppressive ideologies.”

In April, the Florida Governor rejected 54 out of 132 textbooks taking the help of the Critical Race Theory Act which he signed. This was a record according to the education department of the state.

He claimed that the textbooks taught woke mathematics and alleged that book companies were trying to spread Democratic ideology. But none of the books he attacked mentioned race. Reviewers of the state government reviewed and rejected books that spoke about climate change, growth mindset, vaccinations, and social-emotional learning discussion. Earlier in July, DeSantis forced textbook companies to remove the woke culture from textbooks and then return them for final approval.

The Florida administration has also issued a directive that bans gender-affirming healthcare for transgender minors in Florida and also their social transition. It has hit parents and their kids, especially among families that have faced this issue.

DeSantis has also hinted at his desire to run for the post of President in 2024.

California Has The Biggest Budget Among States Announcing Stimulus Check

California has announced the most generous stimulus check measure for residents through the third stimulus check in as many years. This check could give a family of three as much as $1,050 for people with an income below 75,000 for individuals and double that for married couples filing jointly.

Thus, a married couple with a child and earning less than 150,000 jointly will get the maximum amount. The state has a healthy surplus of $97B and Governor Gavin Newsom has said that he aims to give back some of the money that belongs to them in the first place.