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Stimulus Check: Billionaires Aided By The Government!

Stimulus Check demands have been rising in the United States Of America. Citizens are very much concerned about the rising cases of covid. The Delta Strain is threatening to dampen the spirits once again. Another deadly wave might cause the government to implement shutdown measures. The first phase of the shutdown saw the entire country come to a standstill. The economy took a huge blow. Thousands of citizens lost their jobs. Families were left helpless.

The American Government stepped up at this moment. They provided the citizens with stimulus checks. The money provided gave them a sense of financial stability. They could worry less about their finances and focus on productivity. However, only three rounds of such payments were rolled out. The last checks were recently rolled by the IRS. The $1400 checks were deposited directly to the eligible residents. People who opted to receive them physically had to wait a little longer.

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A controversy has surfaced regarding the payout method of the IRS. A recent revelation has exposed a shocking fact. Several billionaires have reportedly received a stimulus check in America! This news has left the people in awe! People have begun questioning the transparency of the IRS. Let us find out more details about the payment fiasco. 

Stimulus Check Money For Billionaires, IRS Questioned

Eighteen of the most prominent billionaires have received stimulus checks. This news has sent shockwaves throughout America. These individuals have received stimulus checks from the IRS worth $1200. The stimulus payments were limited to citizens earning $75000 during an entire year. However, most of the billionaires returned the money at once.

Personalities like George Soros, Ira Rennert received stimulus checks. The IRS stated that these citizens structured their accounts with deductions. This made their income appear significantly lower than actual. The tapping of the income structure created confusion that led to such payouts. 

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