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Stimulus Check: Citizens In California Receives Funding

Stimulus Checks brought a sense of relief to all the citizens of America. At a time when the country was plagued by the pandemic, these checks were a boon. The program was structured by the administration of Joe Biden. 

Following a nationwide shutdown, families struggled to make their living. Most of the households were burdened with debts. People lost their productivity as they were too much occupied with financial stress. Thus, the government came up with three checks. All these checks amounted to $3200. 

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The third round of checks was worth $1400 and was dispatched a few days back. Although this money somewhat solved the financial problems, it was not sufficient. Most of the families exhausted the money by paying off their debts. 

Thus, people at the moment are in dire need of another stimulus check. A number of states have announced the fourth check. Let us have a look at who receives the money first. 

Stimulus Check Round 3 For California

Despite the reluctance of the federal government, a lot of States announced financial help. California was one of the first states to do so. Governor Gavin Newsom announced the Golden State Stimulus II. This aims to provide funding of $600 to everyone earning below $75000 annually. Children will also be provided with $500 checks. 

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The program had been sent out twice previously. The third round of the payments was scheduled to be dispatched on 5th October. This round will aid the citizens who did not receive the money yet. A total of 705,000 residents is estimated to be benefitted from the rollout. These payments will be sent as paper checks through mails. This is expected to take a little bit of time. Golden State Stimulus Checks are a key factor to Newsom’s win in the California Recall. 

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