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Stimulus Check For Elders Pushed Heavily

Stimulus Check for the fourth round is much needed. The whole of America is routing for the same. It has been a long time since the federal government has provided the citizens with money. The Stimulus Check program was initiated by Joe Biden. 

The US President structured the fundings in the month of May. These funds were directed at the welfare of the Americans. The result of the pandemic was deadly in the United States Of America. The country was among the worst-hit regions in the world. Thousands of people die each day due to covid. This compelled the government to impose a complete shutdown. The social distancing mandate was also issued strictly. Such mandates did not allow the citizens to work at the office physically. 

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As a result, most of the citizens lost their jobs. They found it extremely tough to manage their households. The money from the government came in three installments. The three checks provided $1200, $600 & $1400 respectively. Recent scenarios have seen the stimulus check demands rise. Let us find out the reason why. 

Stimulus Check Worth $1400 For Elders, Possible?

The money provided by the federal government has been utilized by many. Most of the money has been used to pay off the debts. Citizens are now in desperate need of a stimulus check. The elderly section of society seems to need the money most.

A social service organization has asked the government to provide the elders with stimulus checks. The organization has requested a sum of $1400 for every senior citizen. The upcoming Social Security structure will most likely set a higher level of tax. This would be very much difficult for the elder citizens to bear. According to a survey from The Senior CitizensLeague(TSCL), the adjustment cost of living for this year will be around 6%. This number is the highest since 1982.

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