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Stimulus Check For Gas Not Granted Yet

Stimulus Check has been demanded for a long time by the citizens of America. After the initial checks were distributed, there were no more initiatives from the federal government. Several petitions were launched backing the claim of a new stimulus payment. A particular petition named Change.org was launched by Stephanie Bonin.

The bill asked the government to pay the citizens monthly assistance. More than 3million signatures were garnered by the petition. Despite such overwhelming responses, the government did not sanction any monetary assistance. This made life difficult for the Americans. Even after the reopening, many families were still jobless. They struggled to cope with the expenses.

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The ongoing war has only added to the woes of the common people. The war has resulted in a huge spike in the prices of gases. Such high prices have made most of the families struggle significantly. In order to provide them with financial backup, a stimulus check aiding the gas expenses was proposed. However, the federal government has stalled the proposal as of now. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Stimulus Check Proposed By Mike Thompson Denied 

Stimulus Checks were proposed by Mike Thompson in the month of March. He asked the government to provide a sum of $100 to aid the price hike of gas.

The money was asked to be given to every taxpayer in America. Single filers earning less than $75000 would be getting the money.

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For joint filers, the qualifying amount stood at $150000. 

Unfortunately, the proposal has not been sanctioned by the government. The government has stalled the proposal as of now.

It is not yet clear whether the bill will be sanctioned in the future or not. 


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