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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Stimulus Check Backlogs Cleared, Many More To Benefit Says IRS

Stimulus Check had a great impact on the Americans from the time they were announced. The citizens utilized them to pay off their debts. Some saved it to get the required stability. However, with the huge number of applicants, there was a huge backlog. The IRS has finally announced the good news. It stated that they are clearing their backlog. This meant more and more families will soon lay hands-on financial aids from the government. 

Stimulus Check Benefits To Reach More Citizens Soon

The announcement was made by the government of Joe Biden. They decided to provide monetary funding for the Americans amidst the pandemic. This announcement saw a wave of applicants applying for the same. IRS had a tough time sorting and analyzing the applications. In the process, they had an initial backlog of huge applications. 

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However, things seem to have quickly fallen into place. According to the recent announcements, checks were deployed further. More households were expected to receive government aids soon. Payments worth over $2million were rolled out recently. People who did not receive their money or who received less than their eligibility were sent these checks. 

These payments have been structured by American Rescue Plan. It promised to pay $1400 to all the adults who qualified.  Reports stated over $170million funds have been distributed. The final round of payments added up to $4billion. 

People who have already submitted their previous tax reports got their payments quickly. Others who did not require filling in taxes might have to wait longer for the checks. Many families are still struggling to make a living. In these circumstances, the fourth set of Stimulus Check is highly being petitioned. However, the President did not want to have a say in the matter. The final decision will be taken by Congress.

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