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Thursday, February 9, 2023

Stimulus Check: Demands For Senior Citizen Money Rises

Stimulus Check has provided relief to a large part of America. The program was initiated by the US President amidst the shutdown. This initiative aimed at providing financial help to the people who required it. The money was distributed to the citizens in three installments. 

The total amount received by the citizens was $3200. This might seem like enough money but that was not the case. The shutdown resulted in most of the Americans losing their jobs. This made a large portion of the citizens falter in debts and rent. The money provided by the government was used immediately to pay off the debts and rents. 

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The recent scenario in the United States is not very bright. The covid cases have seen a steep rise. This has made many people think about their future. The older sections of the society are likely to be affected more by the current scenario. In order to aid them, a group of senior advocates has proposed stimulus checks for the elderly. Let us take a look at the proposal below. 

Stimulus Check For Elders Worth $1400 Proposed 

The steep rise in covid cases has sent chills down the spines of the citizens. Inflation is also threatening to shoot the prices of commodities through the roof. Thus, much-needed aid should be provided to the older sections of society. The league of senior citizens consists of several advocates. These advocates look after the well-being of the senior citizens. 

Rick Delaney is the chairperson of the committee. He stated recently that a letter has been sent to Congress. It contains a proposal for providing the elderly section of the society with a $1400 stimulus check. The proposed stimulus check is supposed to provide relief to elders who have drained their savings. 

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