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Stimulus Check Dilemma For Social Beneficiaries

Stimulus Check has been demanded heavily over the past few weeks. The program was initiated by the President of the US, Joe Biden. The pandemic caused a complete shutdown all over the world. The USA was no exception. In fact, America was one of the most affected countries in the world. 

The federal government has so far issued three sets of stimulus payments. They amounted to a total of $3200. The three checks were Coronavirus Aid Relief($1200), Economic Security Act ($600) & American Rescue Plan($1400). The American Rescue Plan was initiated in the month of March. 

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People lost their jobs and struggled to find a living. The administration thus provided the families with Stimulus Checks. These checks were distributed as direct deposits. The citizens also had the option to claim the payments by paper checks. The money received by the households was of great help. They paid off their mounting debts. 

The money provided by the government was not enough. A group of advocates has questioned the well-being of elderly citizens. Let us find out about the social beneficiaries in detail below. 

Stimulus Check: What Happens To Social Security Recipients? 

The pandemic has posed a threat to all the residents of America. However, one of the worst affected sections is the elderly. According to recent reports, they have exhausted their savings. With inflation being inevitable, life will be tough for them. The cost of energy and food have gone up considerably. 

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Rick Delaney is the chairman of The Senior Citizens League(TSCL). He has proposed a Stimulus Check for the Social Security Beneficiaries. The amount demanded by Delaney is $1400. He has pushed Congress for the money significantly.  It now remains to be seen if the federal government grants the stimulus check or not. 

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