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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Stimulus Check Four Demands Revisited

Stimulus Checks were introduced by the federal government in March. The administration designed the checks in various fields. They kept a check that these benefits cover people from all the spheres. People did enjoy the benefits. Or rather, people reacted to the benefits of oxygen. The benefits were the need of the hour for all the people.

At a time when the pandemic wreaked havoc, stimulus payments provided the much-needed boost up. People and the economy, both were provided with ample breathing spaces. However, recent policies of the government have shown no signs of announcing any further checks. This has concerned the citizens to a great extent. Petitions and letters have been filed in. Let us explore the demands in detail and see who are the lucky ones to grab a pay. 

Stimulus Check Update: Teachers Gets Lucky

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The people associated with the education sector seem to get lucky. They seem to enjoy an excellent edge over the others. Many states have confirmed a check for the teachers. States like Florida, Texas, Tennessee &  Georgia all have promised to pay the teachers a handsome amount. These payments were a sign of tribute and acknowledgment towards the teachers. The teachers worked hard hours during the pandemic. 

Governor Ron DeSantis has announced checks of $1000. $2000 checks await for the teachers of Texas once they are back to school. Teachers of Tennessee and Georgia are also entitled to $1000. 

However, the reluctance of the government on the fourth check has drawn petitions. Two such petitions have been initiated by Stephanie Bonin & Ilhan Omar. The first petition has gathered almost 3million signatures. The second one asks for $1200 Stimulus Checks to be distributed to every American. As many as twenty Democratic officials have provided a written letter to the President favoring further Stimulus Checks. 

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