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Stimulus Check Four In November?

Stimulus Check Four has been the request of the hour. A lot of problems have hampered the United States in recent times. The most significant is the rise of covid cases. As the shutdown came to a close, people thought the pandemic was gone for good. However, it was not to be. 

Recent statistics have shown an alarming rise in covid I infections. The ministry of health has issued the mandate of wearing masks. They have also asked the citizens to strictly abide by the covid mandates. Another large area of concern is the growing level of unemployment. Most households are still jobless. They are finding it extremely hard to make a living. 

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The pandemic has impacted the economy as well. As things start to get normal, steep inflation is suspected to surface. The cost of commodities is likely to shoot up. Such factors have made the citizens wary of another Stimulus Check. They are looking up to the government for financial support. Let us take a detailed look at the incident below. 

Stimulus Check Petition Unable To Make A Mark

The federal government has been flooded with requests for more fundings. Letters and petitions have been launched, but they seemed uninterested. Out of several petitions, one such petition caught the eye of the citizen. 

The proposal in question is an online petition. It can be found on the “Change.Org” website. The petition asks the government to provide a sum of $2000. This money is said to be delivered on a monthly basis. The bill also states that stimulus checks should be provided to everybody. 

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The petition by Stephanie Bonin has been signed by 3million citizens. However, the demand for stimulus checks could not change the mind of the federal government. It remains to be seen how the month of November pans out. 

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