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Stimulus Check Four: Is There Still Hope?

Stimulus Check four possibilities seem to be decreasing with each passing day. The citizens have tried everything in their power to persuade the government. They have sent letters to the administration seeking help.

A couple of petitions were launched favoring the distribution of stimulus checks. One of the petitions has attracted a large number of engagements. The petition in question was initiated by a restaurant owner, Stephanie Bonin. She launched the petition online on “Change.Org”. As soon as the petition was launched, citizens took a liking to it. The petition proposed a recurring payment structure for the residents. It asks the government to pay a sum of $2000 to every American. 

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The bill asks the administration to provide the money to everybody, irrespective of their earning status. The petition has so far gathered a whopping 2.9million signatures. If the petition reaches a tally of  3million, this would become the most engaging petition in US history. 

Stimulus Check Opportunities Explored 

Apart from the petitions, stimulus checks have been demanded by the elders also. The proposal asks for a payment of $1400 to every senior citizen. This will provide them with much-needed financial stability. However, the federal government does not seem keen on such checks. They are currently focusing on the $3.5tn infrastructure package.

This package has been termed as “Build Back America”. The bill aims to provide respite to the ones devastated by the pandemic. It ensures the payment of Child Tax Credit for the families. Families having kids up to six years will receive $300. Children below eighteen years of age are entitled to $250 as Stimulus Check. 

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These payments will be done on a monthly basis. The infrastructure bill has faced a lot of opposition in the Senate. However, Joe Biden is very much expectant of its fruitfulness. 

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