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Saturday, December 4, 2021

Stimulus Check Four Requested Desperately

Stimulus Check for the fourth round has been demanded for a long time. It has almost been a couple of months since the demands are doing the rounds. Americans feel the need for more money for a number of reasons. The shutdown had devastated the economy significantly. 

Most of the people lost their jobs during that time. People who were working from home did not get paid properly. This created a state of financial instability among the families. The administration of Joe Biden structured this plan to provide financial respite to the citizens. The money received from the stimulus check has been utilized by most households. They used it to pay off rents and their debts. 

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After the third installment of the check, the money seemed to have stopped. This made the citizens angry and frustrated. However, in a recent turn of events, Stephanie Bonin has questioned in favor of making the Child Tax Credit permanent. Let us take a detailed look below. 

Stimulus Checks For Children Demanded 

Stephanie Bonin is the mastermind behind the viral petition. The petition initiated by Bonin can be found on the website “change.org”. The petition has so far amassed 2.9million signatures. She is aiming to reach the 3million signature mark. If it happens, the petition will be the most signed ever. She has demanded a monthly amount of $2000 for everybody. 

However, Stephanie has recently stated about making the Child Tax Credit permanent. She said that it was one of the most important stimulus checks and should be considered with due respect. Bonin also mentioned the fact that America is still struggling. Most of the people have not yet recovered fully from the effects of covid. Thus, stimulus check funding should be considered with importance.

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