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Stimulus Check Update: Four States Will Be Receiving Payments

A large sector of the population in certain states of the country will be seeing an economic stimulus check payment via direct deposit or check. It has been reported some of the bonuses totaled up to $1,000.

With several state tax laws and budget surpluses in place, residents of the following four states should be expecting additional payments from the government in 2022 if they end up meeting the eligibility requirements. Some of the stimulus payments will also be sent automatically, with no additional action needed by recipients. 

Four States To Receive Stimulus Check Payment

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For the state of California, the Golden State Stimulus check programs have been sending an accumulative $12 billion back to the state taxpayers in 2021. Also, Californians would be receiving another round of stimulus payments following a budget proposal for the state.

Governor Gavin Newsom has revealed what would be a record budget of $286.4 billion for the upcoming year and noted a surplus of around $45.77 billion- which is far higher than the $31 billion that the state went on to project in late 2021. The Governor of the state also indicated that there could be another round of stimulus packages coming, stating that the budget would definitely allow for an additional rebate to the taxpayers. 

In the state of Florida, the government did make room in its budget the previous year to send bonus stimulus check payments to the teachers. Prep-K through 12th-grade teachers went ahead and pocketed close to a payment of $1,000. Currently, it does appear that the state budget for the state will be allowing for a repeat of the payments. 

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In the state of Indiana, the residents will be receiving a stimulus check payment of $125, but only after they have filed their tax return for the previous year. And for New York, workers and lawmakers have been pushing for expanding and renewing the program for 2022. 

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