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Stimulus Check: Bleak Future For The Fourth One

Stimulus Check is being demanded in the fourth round. Citizens expressed their happiness of having received the previous checks. They stated that the American Rescue Plan has catered to their needs to a great extent. However, with the country still suffering from the COVID aftermath, further funding was required. But this demand is unlikely to be entertained by the government. Below are some reasons why,

Stimulus Check To See The End Of Road?

Joe Biden’s administration did a fantastic job of providing the people with funding. These findings came at a time when the country was plagued by the pandemic. This move was widely welcomed and people reaped rich benefits. As the pandemic seems to reach a domestic end, the fundings from the government also might stop. 

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The IRS has already sent out the third Stimulus Checks to the eligible ones. It also catered to added payments to those who did not receive the full amount earlier. People found their financial needs to stabilize. Over 2.3m people benefited from the $1400 checks. 

However, despite findings, many more families are still struggling. They are incapable of even affording the basic daily necessities. The people of America have signed a petition on Change.org. This website has gone viral with over 2million signatories. It demands a fourth stimulus check paying $2000 monthly. 

The economy is showing signs of bouncing back. Thus, any further payments seem unlikely. The child credit has also been increased that will benefit the expenses of children. Families will receive $300/month for children up to 5 years. They will also receive $250 monthly for kids between 6-17 years of age. 

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The individual states like California have also designed their own set of Stimulus Check. There is also a rapid increase in the vaccination program. All these developments have made Congress reluctant towards any future funding. 

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