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Stimulus Check Four: When Will It Come?

Stimulus Check have had a long-lasting impact on the residents of America. These payments were aimed at giving the citizens relief in pandemic times. However, now that the pandemic has somewhat subsided, the government has ceased to roll out any further assistance. 

This has created a sense of concern among the people of America. Many households are still struggling to cope up with the adverse effects of the pandemic. Thus, they expect the government to provide them with enough funds. But the funds provided so far have been found insufficient to see them off for long. 

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America has also witnessed an alarming rise in covid cases lately. The death rates have also increased. The ministry of health has reordered the mandatory wearing of masks. All these conditions, put together, are screaming for another check. Let us take a look at the possible reasons why you need another stimulus check. 

Stimulus Check Demands Rising With Time

The administration of Joe Biden has dispatched three checks in all till now. A total of $3200 has been provided as funds to the qualified citizens. These funds were distributed in three installments. The first round provided $1200 and was called Coronavirus Aid Relief & Economic Security Act. Next, the citizens received $600 via another funding. The last of the funds were distributed as the American Rescue Plan. Citizens received $1400 from this funding. 

However, these funds do not look sufficient. There have been strong petitions doing the rounds in favor of Stimulus Check 4. Recent surveys have also denoted that many Americans have taken the benefits unnecessarily. People who did not need the funding have also been assisted. This resulted in a 10% increase in personalized income for some. It also recorded a 3% spike in monthly consumer expenditure in January. 

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