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Stimulus Check Four: Will It Happen?

Stimulus Checks have become the apple of the American residents’ eye. They benefited significantly from the advent of stimulus payments. During the lockdown era, the checks acted as a savior to most families. Most of the individuals lost their jobs and were clueless about their life. This happened predominantly because a chunk of the mess was involved with offline jobs. The concept of working from home was not at all popular at the moment.

Thus, a complete shutdown meant that businesses and industries were closed. The economy suffered a high blow as it came crashing down. People were very much tensed and a large section of the society was left with no job. The rate of unemployment spiked the most during this period. To combat the situation, the federal government issued the American Rescue Plan. This plan provided direct cash benefits to the eligible people of the country.

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This enabled the citizens to focus more on productive work and boost their finances. However, the recent situation in America has not changed much. The high prices of gas are making life difficult for the common people. Several checks have been proposed. Let us learn in detail whether the checks will result in a fourth stimulus check or not. 

Stimulus Check Teased By Mike Thompson

A stimulus Check has been proposed by Mike Thompson. Thompson is a Democrat politician who hails from California.

He expressed concerns about the spike in gas prices in America. The politician asked the government to look into the matter and provide a solution.  

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Mike Thompson demanded new stimulus checks from the government. He named the bill the “Gas Rebate Act 2022”.

People earning less than $75000 per year were entitled to receive a sum of $100. The earnings of a joint filer must be below $150000 to receive the money.

This bill stands stalled by the federal government as of now. There is no news as to when the bill will be passed. 


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