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Stimulus Check: New Check Teased

Stimulus Check has proven to be a great supporting system for Americans. The money was sanctioned for the citizens to cover up for the losses. The pandemic took the whole world by shock. The deadly virus put the world at a standstill.

Everything was shut down and America was no different. Thousands of people die every day and the country was plunged into a sea of darkness. The stimulus money helped most families to pay off their rents and other essential expenses.

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A recent announcement has spread rumors about the fourth stimulus check being sanctioned. Daily workers and on-site employees suffered the most. A large number of citizens’ salaries were compromised. The economy took a sudden decline. To combat the adversities, monetary funding was announced.

Qualified citizens received the Stimulus Check which took the financial load off their shoulders. Several states have initiated funding for their residents. California is one such state that announced monetary assistance. Stimulus Check for the third round has been dispatched.

The $1400 check seems to be the last of the lot. A fourth-round has been teased by the people for a long time. Recently, a new proposal from a lawmaker has gained significant momentum.

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It has reinstalled the hope for a new check. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Stimulus Check: Mitt Romney Plan Could Provide $350 Monthly 

A recently launched proposal by Senator Mitt Romney has gone viral. Mitt had originally proposed the plan the previous year. However, the plan did not work out as Joe Biden was more interested in the Build Back Better Plan.

Now that the Build Back Better plan has gone down the drain, Romney’s proposal is making more sense to the citizens. 

The plan asks the government to provide a monthly stimulus check of $350 for eligible families. Families need to earn $38990 annually to qualify for the payment.

The amount of $350 will be given to kids within 5years. Children aged six to seventeen years will receive a monthly fund of $250. 

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