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Thursday, October 6, 2022

Stimulus Check From States: Maine Hands Out $850

With most Americans grappling with the rising costs fueled by the pandemic, the price of gasoline and everyday goods has gone through the roof. While the federal government has put a stop to any more stimulus checks, it is up to the states to give what little relief they can from their funds.

The Governor of Maine has assured residents that she would make sure to deliver the resources necessary to deal with the high rate of inflation. Governor Mills has proposed giving back over half of the budget surplus enjoyed by the state of Maine through $850 stimulus checks to selected residents.

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The governor received the full support of the legislature and the stimulus check will go out to an estimated $858,000 residents of Maine. The stimulus check payment will entail a cost of around $729.3M from the taxpayers’ money.

Qualification For Maine Stimulus Check

To be eligible for the Maine stimulus check, residents should file their 2021 income tax returns for the state of Maine by the last working day of October this year. The initial deadline for filing the 2021 income tax returns for Maine has passed, and they still have an extended date within which to file their returns.

Residents filing their returns do not have to take further action to claim the $850 relief check. To qualify for the relief payment, residents must show an AGI of below $100,000 if they are filing as individuals.

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The maximum allowed for the heads of household is $150,000, while for married couples who are joint filers, it is $200,000. The payments will be sent mostly through mail starting in June. And from July, they are to be dispatched on a regular basis till end-2022 as filers submit their return. The stimulus checks will be sent through the postal service to the address saved in the 2021 tax return submitted. As the $850 relief check is independent of the tax owed, Social Security or Supplementary income earners will get their stimulus check.

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