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Thursday, February 9, 2023

Stimulus Check Four Fueled By Unemployment?

Stimulus Check demands are on the rise for many months now. These funds were structured by the federal government at the time of the shutdown. The main aim of these fundings was to provide relief from financial stress. As soon as the shutdown was imposed, a large portion of the society lost their jobs. 

This happened predominantly because most of the citizens’ jobs required physical attention. Others who managed to work from home found it extremely difficult as well. They were not being given sufficient salary. This created a sense of tension among the people. Most of the families missed their rents and debts kept piling on. The rate of unemployment has spiked up alarmingly. This can compel the government towards a fourth stimulus check. Let us look closely at the analysis below. 

Stimulus Check Money Teased

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The stimulus checks money came as a boon amidst this chaos. Families quickly used it up to pay off their rent and debts. Unfortunately, the amount provided was exhausted within a few months. The federal government allotted checks in three installments. 

There was no announcement of a fourth check which angered the locals. They believe that the economic crisis is far from over. Thus the demand for more money has been on the rise. A recent study has revealed an increase in the rate of unemployment. 

As per the analysis, the number of unemployed Americans stands at 351,000 on 18th September. This number is a significant jump from what was estimated. The current week has recorded an alarming spike of 16000. 

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Many economists have favored a fourth stimulus check. Many states with low rates of vaccination are going up on the infection tally. This would discourage people from taking up jobs. Such a condition would do more harm than good to the economy. Thus, it now remains to be seen what Congress decides. 

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