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Monday, December 6, 2021

Stimulus Check Update: How To Get Your $1,100 Payment

The 15th of October has been quite an important date related to stimulus check payments for a couple of reasons that were very important. The first reason being that this date marked the delivery of the fourth child tax credit payments which were sent out to quite a few families throughout the country- in the form of direct deposits. The second reason was with its connection to the stimulus payment that would be coming from California- called the Golden State Stimulus II. 

The next California Stimulus Check Payment Has been Sent

The program will be sending out a stimulus check payment to every California resident that deserves the payment. Although the payment is generally $600, quite a few families with eligible children might get an extra $500- bringing their total sum to $1,100. The reason why Friday was so important was that this was the deadline for people to do their taxes- something that was necessary for them to trigger the disbursement of one of the stimulus payments. 

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According to the Franchise Tax Board of California, the 15th of October was the last day that most of the residents of California would be able to file their taxes in order to receive a stimulus check payment. The checks were themselves quite dependent on the recipient not earning more than $75,000 annually in adjusted gross income.

And this information is something that filing the taxes would help deal with. One of the major requirements which need to be met in order to receive the payment is that recipients have to be residents of the state for at least half of 2020. 

The first couple of stimulus check payments came out on the 27th of August and the 17th of September. The third disbursement of the payments came out on the 5th of October.

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