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Friday, August 12, 2022

Stimulus Check Updates: Are You Getting The Fourth Check?

The unfolding of the pandemic has seen millions of Americans benefit from stimulus checks, which were sent out by the government. People are now asking the question of whether they will see another stimulus check?

At this time a fourth stimulus check for everyone who already received the money they were entitled to isn’t happening.

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The IRS has made it possible for anyone who was missed or did not get as much as they should to claim that money.

All checks that were meant to go out for all three rounds of payments have been sent.

If you need one, you can claim it in the form of a recovery rebate credit on your tax return.

Stimulus Checks Worth $1,500 And $750 Are Going Out Today

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Due to this, many are asking for a fourth check since the pandemic is ongoing and inflation continues to rise.

A petition on Change.org has gained over 3 million signatures in support of a fourth economic impact payment.

Seniors are one of the hardest hit demographics with the most support in getting a check.

Many have admitted to eating one meal per day and cutting their medication in half to get by.

While the Build Back Better bill has some provisions in it for supporting seniors, a fourth stimulus check is not one of them.

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